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Quad-Ring® Seals are four-lipped seals with a specially developed sealing profile that actually provides twice the number of sealing surfaces as an O-ring. The four-lobed design not only provides lower fiction than an O-ring, but also, due to its square cross section, it resists spiral twist. Quad-Ring® Seals are available in a wide range of elastomeric materials for both standard and special applications. Quad-Ring ® Seals are vulcanized as a continuous ring. Quad-Ring® Seals are supplied to the American Standard AS-568A and are completely interchangeable with O-rings in these sizes. Quad-Rings® Seals are available in all standard O-Ring sizes from 1/32" to 26", as well as custom seals for unique applications.
There are two sealing surfaces to give a positive seal with less friction. Due to an improved pressure profile over Quad-Ring© Seal cross-section, a high sealing effect is achieved.
The recessed mold parting line provides no flash or parting line on the surface of the seal and ensures "zero leakage." What's more, a lubricant reservoir formed between the sealing lips improves performance at start-up.
The quad cross-section resists spiral twisting and extrusion. Due to its special profile, the seal does not tend to twist in the groove during reciprocating movement.
Twice the sealing surface means less radial squeeze is needed to create an effective seal resulting in less friction, less wear & and longer service life.
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