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Rubber Grommets are generally used whenever wire pass through punched sheet metal or plastic casings for this reason.

Rubber molded and continuous strip grommets, also known as edge grommets, are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and lengths expressly for this purpose.

Rubber Grommets are usually a single piece which can be inserted by hand. Two piece hard plastic devices are available are available which also grip the wire that passes through. This is called strain relief and is often used on power supply cords that attach to a piece of equipment, to prevent a tug on the wire from stressing the electrical connections inside the equipment. 

Sleeved grommets have a flexible extensive (sleeve), usually tapered or molded to flex increasingly towards the free end in order to prevent fracture of electrical insulation.

SBR Grommets BUNA – N Grommets
EPDM Grommets Neoprene Grommets
Viton Grommets Silicon Grommets
Natural Rubber Grommets Isoprene Grommets
Grommet Applications:
Mechanically protects against the sharp edges of drilled or punched holes for wiring, cable, tubing, piping, hoses, airlines, rope & more. Used in appliances, motors, tools, cars, trucks, trailers, electronic equipment, toys, bikes, RVs, boats, pumps, furniture & more.
Hardness: 30 to 80 Shore A Durometer
Colors: Black, Oxide Red, Custom color available. Please call for quotation.
Material Temperature :
-150°F to 550°F,depending on material. See material performance data for specific information. 
For more details on varieties of Grommets shapes & sizes, please do not hesitate to call on us or write to us & we will be glad to assist you.
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