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We are one of the leading manufacturers of all types of Industrial Non metallic Bellows.

Our bellows have up to a 1:4 stretch ratio and provide chemical, heat, and oil resistance.

We make protective rubber sleeves for everything from electrical components to rods in oil wells. Custom cuffing allows for superior connections than those made without cuffs, in terms of both safety and appearance.

Our Rubber Bellows & sleeves can handle with bend radii as low as zero, with extreme temperatures ranges from 600º F all the way down to -20º F. In addition to the great range in temperature flexibility, they are also flame retardant.
Bellows & Covers are used in machines, pipe lines, ducting, to prevent dust particles, metallic chips & other foreign particles to enter into precision or important part of the machine to avoid damage & ultimately down time of production cycles & enhance longer life of the machine / part.

Shapes of Bellows Available: Circular, Rectangular, Square Bellows, Hexagon Bellows, C type Bellows, Camera Type, Roller Guard.
Flanged Rubber Bellows:
Advantages of Rubber Bellows:
Reduce Vibration Dampen sound vibration
Compensate lateral, torsion & angular movements Compensate axial movements
Minimal face to face dimensions Light Weight
Low movement forces required Reduced fatigue factor
Reduced heat loss Corrosion, erosion resistant
No gaskets